Sunday, June 2, 2013

Polishes for June

Ok I have a few nail polish favorites I wanted to share for the month of June. So, its pretty much the unofficial summer and I'm all about bright colors. These are great for a night out or a day at the pool.

1. Unicorn by Sinful Colors This is a fantastic color. The only problem I had with it was it needed several coats before it showed up. I brought this up to a friend and she mentioned that if you paint your nails white before hand it shows up with just one coat. So, there you have it.. can anyone say Yellow Polka Dot Bikini? ;)
2. Pink Forever- Sinful Colors. Now this color is also from the Sinful Colors line, but I can't help it!
They are cheap and so pretty! I tried this the other day and got compliments everywhere I went. There is just something great about simply pink polish
3.  Dreamer by Revlon This is such a pretty, but classy blue. It is so easy to wear blue nail polish in a "I'm still 12 years old" way. This one is so amazing, it stayed on for 3 days without chipping and added a bit of class to my outfit. 
Alright guys those are my top 3 for June. If ya'll have any you want me to review comment and I will do my best to get if done! 

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